Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie is currently on location shooting The Tourist, but she’s still making deals for other films while on the job. According to Reuters, the actress is in discussions with acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky to take on a feature adaptation of the period piece, Serena: The Novel.

The last time we saw Jolie on the big screen it was in the Clint Eastwood drama Changeling, but she’s been steadily working since then. Serena would be a star vehicle for the actress that would be helmed by Aronofsky, who’s still in the afterglow of his critical hit The Wrestler.

The film will center on a woman named Serena who marries a man named George Pemberton in 1929 North Carolina. The couple moves into the mountains to create a timber empire, but slowly the woman pushes her husband to do more and more ruthless acts. The situation worsens when she discovers that she can’t bear children, causing Serena to set out to kill her husband’s illegitimate child.

The film is currently seeking financing which is great because Aronofsky is currently looking for a new project. The director just wrapped production on Black Swan and is on the look out for something new. After The Tourist, Jolie’s schedule is said to be clear, especially after she nixed those rumors regarding a Wanted sequel. The only other project she might take on is based on the Patricia Cornwell novel character, Kay Scarpetta.

I’m not sure which film she’ll choose, but this psycho Serena sounds intriguing.

Do you think Jolie and Aronofsky should team up for Serena? Are you interested in the story?