Some films are so well made they can stand the test of time and the 1941 classic Suspicion is definitely one of them. It stars Joan Fontaine and Carey Grant and is one of the best mystery-thrillers ever adapted. Unfortunately, according to a report from Latino Review, a remake is in the works and Will Smith is the front-runner to produce and star (insert sad face here).

According to their top secret source, Smith wants to revamp the classic and star in the role originally played by Grant. The first film was based on the 1932 novel by Francis Iles entitled Before the Fact, which centered on a shy young woman who marries a charming man she later suspects of trying to kill her. It turns out that he isn’t the rich dashing suitor that he claimed to be, but a broke poser who wants to collect insurance money in lieu of her death.

I don’t want to reveal anything beyond that point by giving away the ending but it’s a great movie. Hitchcock made a few changes to his adaptation of the novel because the studio wouldn’t buy Grant as such a malicious character. Do you think Smith would have the same type of problem if this proposal gets the green light?

Do you think Smith should star in a remake of Suspicion? Could you take him seriously as a villain?