Director Michael Bay has given us an update on the status of his latest installment in the Transformers franchise. After being burned so badly the second time around should we care about the next one? That’s a question that a lot of us have been trying to answer, but alas there is new info and we have to report it. According to his official site, the robots in disguise will once again be going international for Transformers 3.

According to one of Bay’s insiders, the director will film some “big action sequences” in Chicago and Moscow for the upcoming movie. The two locations are literally worlds apart so I’m interested in knowing the logic behind picking them. On another more positive note, they also slipped in the news that Bay plans on matching the amount of money made by the TF2 DVD/Blu-ray sales for the Make A Wish Foundation. It sounds like the director is putting his money where his mouth is to help a good cause.

This location news does have me a bit curious as to where the story for Transformers 3 will pick up in relation to Revenge of the Fallen. Will Sam be out of college? Will he have a high powered job now? Oh, wait I’m thinking of Shia Labeouf in the trailer for Wall Street Money Never Sleeps. Sometimes, I get his roles mixed up.

What do you think about Michael Bay shooting in Chicago and Moscow? How will it relate to the story?