For the over 2 billion people who’ve seen Avatar here’s some interesting news regarding the highly anticipated sequel. The update comes from co-star Siguorney Weaver (Dr. Grace Augustine in the film), who revealed some casting info in a recent interview when she appeared on the French program “Le Grand Journal.”

Spoiler Alert

If you haven’t seen the film, which I doubt at this point, I’m about to give away some of the final act. Dr. Augustine unfortunately doesn’t make it through to the end of the movie due to a fatal gunshot wound. Even when the Na’vi attempt to save her life she still doesn’t pull through, so imagine my surprise when I read that she might be present in Avatar 2. According to her Parisian interview, she was asked if she would be back for the next film and she said that she’s already talked to James Cameron, and would surely be a part of it.

How is that going to happen exactly? Are we going to go into the past or is Grace’s body going to magically regenerate itself? There have been plenty of rumors regarding the plot for Avatar 2 and none of them would make sense with the return of Grace. I love Sigourney Weaver, but don’t stay on board with a film just because it’s the hottest thing smoking.

Do you think Dr. Grace Augustine should return? Do you think Weaver should appear as another character?

Source: CineTVBuzz

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