Fans of the DC Comics legend Superman are still in shock over news that David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan will be penning the screenplay for the new film as well as Batman 3. On top of that we also heard that Greg Berlanti might be in talks to direct the big screen adaptation of The Flash, so what could top those three movies? How about the Justice League of America?

Ever since Christopher Nolan accepted the gig as Superman’s mentor he’s had a hand in everything DC. I guess that’s what happens when you direct the largest grossing comic book movie of all time (The Dark Knight). We’re hearing over at IESB, that he along with his screenwriter brother might be more involved with The Man of Steel project than we imagined. The Nolans could be ushering in a new era for DC based films leading up to a Justice League movie.

The whispers in our ear (again unconfirmed!) say Chris will shepherd his Batman and the next cinematic Superman (and presumably Ryan ReynoldsGreen Lantern, The Flash and others) towards a Justice League movie. That he will direct after The Man of Steel and Batman 3 are released. We’re talking one big monopoly or more appropriately Nolanopoly.

It seems as if Warner Bros is trying their hand at a superhero team-up movie similar to Marvel’s The Avengers. The only difference is the JLA film has been on the backburner for years, so it’s not fair to say their playing copycat. Marvel just put their plan into action a little faster than DC. Word on the street has Jonah possibly helming The Man of Steel, which would be a monumental way for him to make his directorial debut but is it too much too soon?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Nolan shepherding other films in the right direction since he was able to restore credibility to the Batman franchise, but he’s not the god of comic book movies. Every character in DC’s arsenal isn’t Batman, and they don’t need a lot of extra drama. Are we going to get a string of angsty films back to back for the next few years? Stick with the source material, respect the fans, and you’ll make a profit. That’s the recipe for box office success.

What do you think about the Nolan’s taking over the DC Comics Universe?