The freshman series “FlashForward” started out strong when it premiered on ABC last fall, yet it’s fanbase began to waiver as the season progressed. There was also a major shift creatively behind the scenes when showrunner David S. Goyer left to concentrate on his film work. With its ratings down and a new power structure what can the show do to revamp viewers interest? How about add an actor from one of the best sci-fi series of all time, “Battlestar Galactica“!

According to Zap2it, James Callis has been tapped to join the cast of “FlashForward,” and will appear as a “really exciting, unusual character.” The show will return after its hiatus in March, but Callis’ character won’t appear until the final few episodes of the season. There haven’t been a lot of details released regarding his role but executive producer Jessica Borsiczky told SciFiWire, that “he will be a big part” of the finale and will be mixed up with Sonya Walger’s character, Olivia.

It’s great that Callis is joining the cast but doesn’t Olivia have enough issues with her husband and her pseudo-lover from the future? I hope this won’t be anything romantic because she’s got enough on her plate in that department. The show has been wavering a bit from their original premise of the blackout, but if they return to it, (the commercials indicate they will) then the ratings should improve.

What do you think of Callis joining FlashForward? Do you think he will help or hurt the show?