Alyssa Milano and Christina Applegate joined Hollywood after starring in hit TV shows during their youth, now they’ll step over into the feature realm with the Farrelly Brothers‘ latest comedy Hall Pass. The cast already includes, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Amanda Bynes, Stephen Merchant, J.B. Smoove, Nickey Whelan, Derek Water, Larry Campbell, and Vanessa Angel.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly co-wrote the script with Pete Jones and Kevin Barnett about two ‘adulterous’ husbands who are given permission to go outside their marriage for one week and engage in guilt-free love affairs — talk about unreality. The Farrelly Brothers have a number of comedies under their belt, some more successful than others. As a kid, Dumb and Dumber was the funniest movie to me because of all of the slap-kicking going around.

It’s directors like the Farrellys that overshadow the reputation comedies have nowadays (with the exception of There’s Something About Mary). They have the experience and the talent (Smoove and Sudeikis are both comedians; Fischer currently stars in one of the funniest TV sitcoms on TV; Applegate starred in a comedy TV sitcom for 10 years) to make a hilarious film that could turn out pretty decent.

Do you think the Farrelly Brothers’ Hall Pass will be a hit or miss?

via Collider