It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the big screen adaptation of The Flash, the red and gold stepchild of DC Comics. The character has taken a backseat to The Green Lantern, Superman and definitely Batman, but we’re hearing through IESB that there might be some movement on the film. Warner Bros has their eye on a director who could finally bring The Flash to theaters, and it’s Greg Berlanti.

Berlanti is at the top of the WB’s list of directing contenders thanks to his work on The Green Lantern movie, which he helped write alongside Marc Guggenheim. That film will of course be directed by Martin Campbell so the studio is eyeing Berlanti for The Flash’s top position. If this news comes to fruition it would be great for fans and the film because how long have we been waiting for Flash to get his time to shine?

David S. Goyer was forever attached to the project but it continued to get pushed back on his priority list thanks to films like The Dark Knight, Jumper, and the upcoming Superman movie, The Man of Steel. It looks like Warner Bros needs someone on board who will give this property the attention it deserves and maybe Berlanti will be able to deliver just that.

Do you think Berlanti would make a good director for The Flash?