Ever since the abrupt exit of Saw VI director Kevin Greutert, we’ve been in the dark as to who Paramount will have take on the sequel to box office smash, Paranormal Activity. This morning a few interesting names popped up as possible candidates via The Los Angeles Times. A wide range of directors are being considered to direct the film ranging from well respected veterans to campy horror newbies.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down with the list of contenders. How about Brian De Palma? Yes, I’m talking about Scarface and Carrie De Palma. He’s done horror, he’s done action, he’s done drama, but can he do Paranormal Activity 2? If that’s not strange enough Akiva Goldsman was also thought at one point or another as a possible director for the film. He’s one of the most respected creative types in the business so reading his name came out of left field.

On the newbie front, we’ve got Greg McLean, the guy behind the Australian horror film Wolf Creek, and Brad Anderson who directed Transsiberian. No matter who they choose they’ve got to get this project moving because the script isn’t finished, and the cast hasn’t been filled. If they don’t want this project to be a victim of the sophomore jinx they need to nail down their talent.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be hilarious if De Palma did direct this film?

Who do you think should direct Paranormal Activity 2?