It’s been days since news broke regarding former child star Andrew Koenig’s disappearance and now there’s been an update. According to several sources including People Magazine, the actor’s body may have been found. Earlier today, a body that was discovered in a Vancouver park is believed to be Koenig.

Update: According to THR, an anonymous source has reported that the body found in the Vancouver park is indeed Koenig. They stated that the police department has a news conference scheduled for 5 p.m. PT Thursday.

A 41 year old Koenig was last seen early last week while traveling throughout British Columbia. The media caught wind of his disappearance when his sister Danielle went to the Vancouver authorities to declare him as a missing person. Since then, several outlets most notably TMZ have been covering the story. After today’s find, the city’s police department have released an official statement saying “the discovery of a body found in Stanley Park…is believed to be that of Andrew Koenig.”

At the moment we’re just playing the waiting game until the identity of the individual is released. Over the past week, fans from the popular eighties series “Growing Pains” have been spreading the word about Koenig in hopes that someone would come forward regarding his whereabouts. The actor’s family even appeared on television to stress how important it is that he return home safely.

Koenig is the son of former Star Trek star Walker Koenig (Chekov), and he along with his mother stated that their son had a long battle with depression and recently moved out of his LA apartment 3 weeks before leaving for Canada.

We’ll give you more updates as the story develops.