NBC’s long running sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” might get a breath of fresh air when The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis stops by. According to Zap2it, he’ll be on board to make his hosting debut on an upcoming episode of the show. He may be new to the game but we’ve also learned that Jude Law will be making a return to the SNL stage for a second time.

Galifianakis has been tapped to take on the March 6th episode of SNL that will air next week. It was also announced by the show’s publicist that the accompanying musical guest will be Vampire Weekend. As for Law, he’ll host on March 13th along with the return of Pearl Jam which will mark their fourth appearance on the show. The actor will be promoting his futuristic action flick Repo Men.

The last time we saw Law on the SNL stage it was during the infamous Ashlee Simpson episode where she got caught lip-syncing. Yeah, it was that long ago. At least with Pearl Jam on stage we know he won’t have to worry about that type of an incident again.

I’m looking forward to seeing both of these guys take to the SNL stage because there past few hosts have been complete bombs. I will admit that I liked Jon Hamm’s second appearance but his “Mad Men” co-star January Jones did a horrible job. We need better material, and hopefully these two bring it.

What do you think about Galifianakis hosting Saturday Night Live? Do you think it will be a funny episode?