Earlier today we told you about the Tron Legacy viral scavenger hunt that was taking place thanks via the website Flynn Lives. Now it seems that all of the hard work of its participants has led them to another website entitled, Pitcell.com. There, a new photo from the movie was revealed (above) and info about an exclusive IMAX event taking place this weekend.

So after people ran around like chickens with their heads cut off all day they were given info regarding an ultra exclusive event thrown by Disney and presented at IMAX. This weekend, in five cities including Los Angeles, New York, London, Toronto, and Sydney, there will be a special screening that many of us believe will be the premiere of a new, longer trailer. If you don’t live in one of those locations it must suck, but rumor has it that the new trailer will run in front of next week’s Alice in Wonderland.

If you are physically inclined to attend the IMAX event, tickets will go on sale starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 4PM EST, 1PM PST. You can visit the Pitcell website to get the rest of the information, but here’s the lowdown on what’s going on.

You need to be a registered member of Flynn Lives in order to sign up for tickets. To expedite this process, we suggest registering now – once the tickets become available, they will go fast. However, please note that pre-registering does not guarantee getting a ticket. You still have to check back on this page at the allotted time to sign up for tickets.

If you want to ensure that you get your ticket and your seat, register ASAP!

Did you participate in the Tron Legacy scavenger hunt? Do you think the exclusive event is for the new trailer?