It’s Wednesday and that means new footage and marketing materials from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Over at IGN, they’ve debuted a clip from the film that features the Cheshire Cat as voiced by Stephen Fry. This is just one of many exclusives that the studio has released every week leading up to the film’s debut on March 5th. Check out the latest…

The Cheshire Cat is a sly creature who encounters Alice in the dark woods after she finds herself lost in Wonderland. Out of all the mystical characters that appear in the film, he’s easily one of the most appealing to look at. He has the ability to float through time and space and disappear whenever he wants. While the other residents of Wonderland have to sit and suffer through the Red Queen’s evil rule, he can go and come as he pleases.

In director Tim Burton’s take of Alice in Wonderland, the title character is much older and is being primed for an engagement to a wealthy socialite. This causes a conflict of interest between the young woman and the man everyone plans for her to marry. How will this event lead to her returning to her childhood escape? I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

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What do you think of the latest clip from Alice in Wonderland? How do you like Burton’s take on the Cheshire Cat?