It’s official. Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke has signed on to star in the big screen remake of Conan the Barbarian. Jason Momoa has already been hired to star as the title character and Rourke was previously rumored to play his dad. But according to a report from THR, his casting has been confirmed.

We were all tipped off weeks ago about Rourke joining the cast when the folks over at Latino Review suggested his future involvement and now the trade is backing up their story. The actor was initially offered the role of Conan’s dad Corin but deals fell apart soon after. Later on, producers and Rourke managed to reach some type of an agreement and he decided to take on the role after all.

So far, we have three members of the primary cast on board, Momoa, Rourke and Leo Howard as the younger version of the warrior. Conan starts shooting in Bulgaria in March, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for director Marcus Nispel to find the rest of the cast. It seems like they’re playing with fire because earlier today we heard about rewrites being done on the script by Sean Hood. Will they have enough time to make this movie work?

What do you think of Mickey Rourke starring as Corin, Conan’s dad? Is it a good fit?