Matt Damon has just signed on to star as one of the late brothers of Camelot, Robert F. Kennedy. The Oscar winning and recently nominated actor is attached to a biopic that’s being developed over at New Regency. Deadline Hollywood broke the news and it seems like Damon and Kennedy will be a match made in cinematic heaven.

The RFK biopic has a script written by Steven Knight and will be directed by Gary Ross. That right there should evoke some type of promise being that Ross directed the horse drama Seabiscuit and Knight penned the screenplay for Eastern Promises. The film will be based on the Kennedy biography His Life, which was written by Evan Thomas.

“The film will trace RFK’s transformation from the younger brother in the shadow brother President John F. Kennedy to a strong national leader in his own right before he was gunned down in 1968.” Both Damon and Kennedy were born and bred in Massachusetts and they share a few distinctive physical traits. Not only is Damon a talented actor but he’s educated in the area of politics, which will help him with his portrayal down the line.

This movie has a bright future, and I can’t wait to see what Damon, Knight, and Ross are going to do with it.

What do you think of Matt Damon starring as Robert F. Kennedy? Do you think he can pull it off?