This week’s episode of “Lost” was entitled “Lighthouse,” and it was awesome. After the season six premiere, the last few episodes have been so-so but last night they kicked it up notch. Usually, the flashbacks, flashforwards, or in this case, flashacrosses are hit or miss with me and serve as fluff for the episode, but that wasn’t the case here. The storyline between Jack, his son and his life on the island matched up pretty well and played as damn good television. Here’s my picks for the highs and lows from “Lighthouse…”

The Players:

The Shows Plot:

“Lost” centers on the survivors of the ill fated Oceanic Flight 815 who crashed on a mysterious island. They fight the elements, the island’s mysteries, and each other while trying to survive in uncharted territory.

Title of this Week’s Episode: “Lighthouse” Season 6: Episode 5

Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission to a lighthouse at the request of Jacob. At first Jack’s against it but Hurley utters a few magic words from Jacob and they get him on board. Jin is with Claire on the other side of the island but he soon learns that she is no longer the sweet young girl he used to know.

The Good:

  • Claire: After a season off the show, which is equal to 3 years in “Lost” time Claire has gone completely coo-coo for Coco Puffs. Even though she’s off the rocker, it’s nice to see her not playing the victim. It was a bit disappointing that Jin lied about Kate, because those two going at it would be good to watch. Something tells me that Claire will discover the truth eventually and when she does all hell will break loose. Can’t wait!
  • Jack/David: There were so many metaphors and similarities in the storyline with Jack and his son it was ridiculous. There were so many parallels between his relationship with his child in comparison to Christian’s with him. Also, could the casting of Dylan Minnette as Matthew Fox’s kid have been any better? Good eye.
  • Candidates: The whole concept of being a “candidate” continues to rear its head and it’s getting even more intriguing. Did anyone catch that David was a candidate to be a part of the music program at the conservatory? And of course Dogen was there with a boy we’re assuming was his child.
  • Compass/Mirror: The super-compass that was on top of the lighthouse was pretty badass. It featured those magical numbers that continue to resurface but it added an extra amazing element to them. The numbers correspond to a name on the compass that shows images from the person’s past and I’m assuming future.
  • Nostalgic Moments: We got a throwback to Shannon with the inhaler, Christian’s coffin, and even Hurley himself spoke about him and Jack trekking around the island back in the good old days. They’re definitely setting us up for something big in the finale, because we keep visiting all the plot devices and events from earlier seasons.
  • Pseudo-Locke: Of course this guy would pop up and be Claire’s “friend,” but her nonchalant reaction to the Man in Black’s physical Locke look only proves how crazy she’s become.

The Bad:

  • No Claire Explanation: In the alternate storyline did they ever clarify that Claire was Christian’s daughter? Jack’s mom mentioned her in the Will but I didn’t notice any explanation of her after the fact. It kind of mirrored how Kate is hell bent on finding her on the island, but Jack has resigned to thinking that she’s too far gone. I understand that they weren’t raised together as siblings, but they did survive a plane crash and get to know each other pretty well later in life. What’s up with that? Jack just doesn’t care in either timeline.


This episode was amazing! It had me interested from beginning to end. The lighthouse itself brought a new perspective to how people were brought to the island and why. The biggest question I’m left with is who’s David’s mom? Could it be Jack’s ex-wife? And when will we get to see Christian rear his not so dead head again and have him chatting it up with both his son and daughter…together? This week was a great set up for something big, and I hope it results in Jack, Claire, and Kate eventually going head to head.

Rating: 9/10

Show Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC


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Was there anything new you learned from last night’s episode of “Lost.” Is there anything that I’m missing? What are your theories about The Lighthouse and what Jacob wants Jack to do?