Katherine Heigl will be honored at this year’s ShoWest event in Las Vegas as the Female Artist of the Year. In the past the title has been given to the likes of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, and now she’s getting in on the action. The event will be held on March 15-18, 2010 and she’ll receive her award during ShoWest’s Final Night Banquet and Award Ceremony. This is great news for the actress but what did she do in 2009 that was so career defining?

ShoWest is the largest annual convention for the motion picture industry. It is the only international gathering devoted exclusively to the movie business and the single largest international gathering of motion picture professionals and theatre owners in the world. Therefore, how did Heigl manage to get one of the top honors from this group? Wasn’t The Ugly Truth a horrible movie, and didn’t she go on a personal hiatus from “Grey’s Anatomy” last year?

I’m not sure what the requirements are for ShoWest but this is what they had to say about the actress.

“Her ever-present charm and innate talent have made Heigl’s transition from TV screen to silver screen seemingly effortless,” said Robert Sunshine, co-managing director of the event. “Her comedic timing and flair for acting are showcased in each of her roles and have captivated audiences around the globe. We are pleased to honor Katherine Heigl as the ShoWest 2010 Female Star of the Year.”

Um, OK. Speaking of her comedic timing have you seen the trailer for her upcoming film with Ashton Kutcher aptly titled, Killers? It’s so bad it hurts my feelings just typing the words.

Do you think Katherine Heigl deserves to be ShoWest’s Female Artist of the Year? Who else could have taken the honor?

Source: OMG