Where does David S. Goyer find the time to take on all these superhero projects with his busy schedule? The writer, producer, and director has been named as the man behind the next big screen Superman adaptation. The DC Comics film franchise has been on life support since 2006 but according to an exclusive report over at Latino Review, Goyer has been tapped to bring the hero back to life.

Goyer has had a hand in almost every successful comic book film from the past decade. He helped with the story for both of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, and he was on board for the entire Blade trilogy. According to a trusted source he’ll script the upcoming Superman movie, which will be entitled The Man of Steel. Isn’t it hilarious how they’re trying so hard to follow in the footsteps of The Dark Knight? They don’t want their film to be directly named after its hero, so they use his nickname instead (rolls eyes).

Two positive things that have come out of this story besides Goyer’s involvement is news that neither Brandon Routh or Bryan Singer have anything to do with the film. Here’s what the rest of the source claims he knows…

I can tell you that Goyer’s story involves Luthor and Brainiac.  It is NOT an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry.  I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet.  And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology.

This sounds like a legit reboot of the franchise that won’t have us going back to square one. If they get a real Lex Luthor and not a caricature like the one Kevin Spacey brought to the last film they might be on to something. If all of this stuff turns out to be the real deal, I might actually be interested in seeing it.

What do you think about Goyer taking on The Man of Steel?