If you’re looking for movies that should have gotten big time Oscar nominations but failed to earn their deserved recognition, then this is the DVD Release week for you.

Yep, there are plenty of big time snubs this week.  If Best Actor is your game then Robert De Niro’s performance in Everybody’s Fine or Matt Damon’s sterling work in The Informant! is ready to take home.  If you prefer a Best Documentary Feature snub, then you can check out The September Issue.

Of course, it’s not all award-winning (or should’ve been award-winning) releases this week, as there is plenty of lowbrow stuff available too.  Headed by those fake-tanned citizens of The Jersey Shore.

Check it all out…


The Informant!

It’s hard to do much more as an actor than what we saw from Matt Damon in this film.

He completely disappears into an oddly comic role, showing us both the insecurity and raggedness of the schlub that he’s playing, yet managed to put forth the full charisma of such a character that was able to deceive so many people for so long.

Plus, Damon recorded such a precise voice-over track that the film would seem naked without it.  Voiceover is often the last crutch of the lame movie, but Damon somehow manages to make it essential.

All that, and Damon gets squat from the Academy and is bested by Robert Downey, Jr. for the Golden Globe.  What a shame.

This was the best leading performance this year, and one that must be seen on DVD.

Everybody’s Fine

There has never been a bigger disparity between how a movie was marketed than what it actually was.

Remember the trailer for this movie?  The strains of some watered-down soul band covering “We Can Work it Out”?  The strange looks from Robert De Niro?  The whole family trimming the Christmas tree?  The mid-December release date?

What did that all seem to mean?  Well that we were in for a fun family romp of course.  Another of the late-period De Niro comedy canon that would just be an oh-so-pleasant way to spend the holidays at the movies.

The reality was nowhere near any of these preconceived notions.  Instead of a romp, it’s a tense examination of how little we know about those closest to each other and the lies that often keep families at a distance.

And it does all of that pretty well.  Certainly well enough to warrant checking it out on DVD.



“Jersey Shore”: Season 1 Uncensored

Is there really anything you need to know other than the fact that “Jersey Shore” is out on DVD and the uncensored version offers the chance to see Snooki doing cartwheels without the blur.

That alone makes this the potential standout horror movie of the year, and one that will certainly fly off the DVD shelves.


  • “18 Kids & Counting”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Adam-12”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “Flash Forward”: Season 1, Part 1 – Buy Now
  • “Ghost Hunters”: Season 5, Part 1 – Buy Now
  • “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” – Buy Now
  • “Night Court”: Season 3 – Buy Now
  • “Nurse Jackie”: Season 1 – Buy Now


Orson Welles – The Legend Collection

It’s strange the choices that are made for these collections.  This new one, featuring the Best Director of all time (no arguments allowed), is sort of a slapdash.  It features six of his efforts sprawling through is career.

You’ll get the best film of all time, Citizen Kane (again, no arguments allowed), but missing is his second masterpiece Touch of Evil.

Still, it’s hard to complain about a collection that gives you six Welles films (including the once-rare Mr. Arkadin) and this really is a must-buy on DVD for any cinephile or anybody looking to finally acquaint themselves with the work of Welles.

The set includes:

  • Citizen Kane
  • The Magnificent Ambersons
  • Macbeth
  • Mr. Arkadin
  • The Trial
  • Chimes at Midnight

What DVDs are you looking forward to buying this week?