A new video clip has been released in promotion of the upcoming comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine. The movie will hit theaters on March 26th, and is directed by Steve Pink. The video is introduced by three of the film’s stars Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry, and as it’s not safe for work. I repear it’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK…

Hot Tub Time Machine centers on four friends who unwittingly go back in time after a drunken afternoon at a ski resort. They’re transported to 1986 where they see everything from cassette players to leg-warmers make a comeback. The film stars John Cusack as a man who’s been dumped by his girlfriend; Corddry as a party guy who can’t find the party; Robinson as a man controlled by his wife, and Duke as a man obsessed with video games.

The clip is an exclusive for the IGN website (hence the introduction), and it features a scene where the four main characters are trying to figure out what to do while on vacation. Corddry’s character calls up an escort service and uses a lot of expletives to describe his needs to the woman on the other end. It’s pretty funny. It’s gross, but it’s still funny.

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What do you think about the red band clip from Hot Tub Time Machine?