The upcoming comedy Your Highness won’t hit theaters until October, but early reviews have already begun to leak online. It turns out that there was a recent test screening for the film that stars James Franco, Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel. Viewers took to their various blogs and Twitter accounts to let the world know what they thought of the early cut of the film, and from what I’ve read it sounds like an old school stoner comedy but with horses.

Here are a few responses from various blogs and websites…

  • The film is set in Medieval times with some really remarkable horse actors. Its the story of two brothers played by James Franco and Danny McBride that set out on a journey to rescue the princess played by Zooey Deschanel. On their adventure they come across Natalie Portman, who joins them on their quest. The dialogue was great and very funny, and the actors fit their parts perfect. The film is hilarious, but other then it being it hilarious, the horses were breathtaking in it. [Horsesonfilm33]
  • I fully enjoyed this movie and plan to see it again, the timing and pacing of the movie was excellent the jokes where witty except for a few super dirty scenes. but when it comes out i am going see it again. i give it a 8/10 [Andrew 15-12, IMDB]
  • Very vulgar, lots of nudity and very, very funny. The acting was fine, lots of respectable actors (Toby Jones, Damian Lewis, Charles Dance) and Natalie Portman is great because she takes it very seriously, she has hilarious lines but says them with complete seriousness and passion, it worked great. [Thebatsam, IMDB]
  • “Very funny and captures the tone & art direction of films such as Krull, Yor, and The Sword and The Sorcerer perfectly.” [Anonymous, The Playlist]

Here are some thoughts via Twitter…

  • ryanmcdmusic, “Pretty medievally hilarious…should definitely go see it when it comes in about…6 months”
  • girlnamedcaptn, “Your Highness is the worst fucking movie I have seen in a long time, possibly ever. Avoid.”
  • S_IsFestive, “its like pineapple express meets medieval times.” … “SOOO funny. you have to see it when it actually comes out.”

For the most part, the early reviews have been pretty positive. But I’m getting the feeling that nudity will be prevalent throughout the film, which could be somewhat of a problem. I hate when actors are thrown into situations when they’re naked just for the sake of being naked. Other than that one fact, it sounds like the movie will be hilarious.

Have you seen an early screenings of the film? Are you interested in seeing it after reading these early reviews?