I have done a lot of interviews with a variety of people, but never have I sat down with writer, director, producer Uwe Boll and never have I asked some of the questions that FunnyCrave got to ask him including a number of direct jabs at Michael Bay, Megan Fox and basically all of Hollywood put together. Boll is not known for subtly and neither is FunnyCrave. Neither one of them are afraid to throw punches or mock Hollywood and it’s quite obvious when Boll is asked about getting Megan Fox to appear naked and he responds with “She looks like a bitch so why she shouldn’t do it?”

Oh yeah, we’re at that level. Check it out…

FunnyCrave: You had a verbal fight with director Michael Bay a while back and I loved how in Bay’s response he tries to make fun of you because you called him a fucking retard and he took issue with the word “retard” despite having directed Transformers 2 which, by all accounts, was fucking retarded. Is it frustrating that a director like Bay, who the Internet also heaps hate upon and who makes awful, terrible movies like Transformers 2 seems to still have this support system and an endless pit of money to work with, while you get even more criticism but have less industry backing?

Uwe Bowl: Absolutely. I don’t get it how directors of the studio system still get $150 million budgets even if they go nonstop over budget with their movies.

FC: Could you get Megan Fox to appear naked in a movie?

UB: I don’t know. She looks like a bitch so why she shouldn’t do it?

Editor’s Note from FunnCrave – This answer was voted the best answer to an interview questions since anything John Mayer said in his last interview

If Hollywood was Uwe Boll’s Hollywood, what changes would you make?

UB: No more overpaying actors and no more residuals to anybody as long the budgets of the movies are not recouped

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t like this, I’m going to blog about it!” Or if you’ve ever written something negative about Boll, here is what he probably thinks of you…

UB: I learn and learned a lot from critics and I have nothing against a bad review if the review is substantial. I have only something against unfair, jealous nerds writing lies about me or my movies.

I have to say, I think Boll made some good points between the insults and congrats to him on those massive balls he’s got hanging around.

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