Bruce Willis has been out promoting his latest film Cop Out, a new comedy by director Kevin Smith, and during a routine interview he was asked about the future of the well established Die Hard franchise. The last time we saw John McClane on the big screen it was in 2007′s Live Free or Die Hard, and recently Willis spoke to MTV about the future of the popular action series.

Willis stated, “I think we’re going to do a Die Hard 5 next year.” You read that statement right. The over 50 actor is ready to keep this series going with a fifth Die Hard film sooner than later. The last installment was directed by Len Wiseman, and generated over 380 million dollars worldwide. Willis had a blast making it and spoke about getting back in gear to star in another one.

“I take a certain amount of pride in being part of that [mythology]], and the fact that I still get to do it. I would hire Len Wiseman right now. “

He also talked about where the story could go for the next film. They’ve pretty much covered every form of conflict imaginable but the actor has an idea of where he wants to take it next.

“Well it’s got to go worldwide,” Willis concluded. “That would be my contribution to [the next movie].”

Once you go beyond the original trilogy point it’s hard for a lot of films to keep their luster. Die Hard seems to have kept both its star and its fanbase interested two decades after the first film. In my opinion, Live Free wasn’t particularly a worthy follow up to Die Hard With a Vengeance mostly because it was rated PG-13. Wiseman couldn’t do all the extreme stuff that the other directors did because the studio wanted to ensure a decent opening weekend. Therefore, R rated material was out of the question. For the next film I wonder if they’ll go back to their franchise roots or stick with this revised material?

Are you interested in seeing another Die Hard movie? Should Willis and company leave the franchise alone?