Johnny Depp has been making his rounds with the media, and at a recent press conference for Alice in Wonderland he talked about his other big movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The actor spoke about the absence of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, the new director, and those pesky rumors about him not wanting to return to the franchise.

It was confirmed a while ago that Bloom and Knightley wouldn’t reprise their roles in the Pirates series as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan. Therefore, Depp was asked (by Fred Topel) if the new film would be all about his character Jack Sparrow, everyone’s favorite swashbuckler. The actor denied that he would take center stage in On Stranger Tides, instead it will be a collaborative effort for everyone involved.

“There’s no Keira or Orlando in there. I don’t think we’d ever throw too much Jack Sparrow in there. There will be just a little bit of everybody. “

Last year, Disney Chairman Dick Cook resigned from his position at the studio and the announcement took everyone by surprise including Depp who has a great professional and personal relationship with him. After the news broke we started hearing rumors that the actor was unsure about starring in another Pirates film if Cook wasn’t involved. Today he was asked about what it was that changed his mind and his answer might surprise you.

“One thing that I found very reassuring was the conversation, a very good conversation with Dick Cook who is someone I admire greatly and so yeah, that helped a lot. Also, knowing that we’re coming at it from a different angle at this point with Rob Marshall and a totally new take, new story.”

As you can see it was Dick Cook himself who convinced Depp to continue on with the franchise despite his absence from the project. The actor went on to say that the former Chairman has been very graceful throughout this entire ordeal. Cook sounds like a real class act among the many vultures that populate the industry.

So there you have it, Johnny Depp is completely on board with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but it won’t be the Jack Sparrow show. He’ll be sharing the spotlight with other characters, just not Will and Elizabeth.

Are you surprised at Depp’s return for Pirates 4? Did you ever think he might leave the franchise?