It’s official, Scream 4 is coming to a theater near you. The LA Times blog wrote a piece on legendary horror director Wes Craven, and right before the article ends, said publication drops the bomb — production for Scream 4 will begin in May.

Late last year, Neve Campbell said that production for the film would start in mid-May of this year, but at the time Craven’s role as director wasn’t set in stone. Seems like someone figured out how to get the old team together because Scream 4 is being written by the original series writer Kevin Williamson and Courtney Cox and David Arquette have also committed to return.

Whether you’re behind this film or not, the future of Scream doesn’t seem too bad. After films like Last House on the Left, The Serpent and The Rainbow, and even his whole Scream trilogy, Craven has the experience to put together another horrific trilogy, he just has to focus on what is really important — the gore.

As far as the plot goes, Scream 4 will be set a decade later in Woodsboro, and will introduce new characters. Williamson has said that the film will reference Magna Comics, Asian ghost girl movies, PG-13 horror movies, vampire films, M. Night Shyamalan movies and even torture porn. How he will keep torture porn and PG-13 horror movies under the same roof, will be a sight to see.

Until Scream production begins, Craven will be preparing for the release of his latest film My Soul To Take due out later this year.

Are you excited for another Scream film?