Roadside Attractions presents writer/director Julio DePietro’s latest bore, The Good Guy, starring Alexis Bledel, Scott Porter, and Bryan Greenberg. This weekend’s openers generate a fierce wind of competition – it’s safe to say that The Good Guy will most likely choke on the dust of Shutter Island and/or The Ghost Writer and that might be for the best…

The Plot:

Tommy (Porter) currently exists in the throes of impossibly heightened reality. He’s got a stunning new girlfriend (Bledel), an art curator, and a studly career as a bank investor on Wall Street. Tommy’s head is about the size of his income, so when his boss entrusts him with selecting a replacement for a newly vacant position, he chooses Daniel, a seemingly harmless computer geek with zero background in finance. After he encourages his pathetic protege to kick back with his trophy girlfriend, naturally, they find themselves in the middle of a nauseatingly familiar love triangle.

The Bad:

  • Unoriginal: Another one of these movies? REALLY? The trailer alone practically summarizes the astoundingly dull chain of events that comprise The Good Guy. And don’t get me wrong, predictable films aren’t always awful. Truth be told, most chick-flicks are laughably predictable. But at least offer us a shred of novelty. Interesting characters? Nope. Slightly puzzling plot twists? Nope. Funny dialogue? Nope.
  • Alexis Bledel: This doe-eyed dud is “Exhibit A” of why you can’t do a chick-loving TV show with a 30 year run and expect to later cultivate a legitimate career. Gilmore Girls was a lovely show, it was. And while the character of Beth contrasts Rory on multiple levels – all we SEE is Rory. The choices, the facial expressions, the tone of her voice. Frankly, she was boring. We’ve seen this performance before – just with different dialogue and different clothes.
  • Zero Chemistry: Like I said before, there’s nothing totally wrong with a nice, predictable chick flick. Give me some candy and a glass of wine and I’m good to go. But this sub-par cast failed to engage us even remotely in their sub-par story. If we don’t believe that anyone is actually attracted to or, dare I say in love with anyone, we’re not ROOTING for the good guy! We’re rooting for the credits to roll so we can go home and watch The Notebook. In short, the relationships, in no way, were believable. It’s that simple.

The Good:

  • I’m sweeping through my memory in search of a redeeming quality of this movie – and I’m coming up less than short.


Here’s the burning message of this winner: Good guys finish last. And guess what, the universe figured that out a LONG time ago. Spend your money elsewhere this weekend!

Rating: 2/10

The Good Guy is in theaters today, February 19th.