During this year’s Winter Olympics NBC has received the highest ratings they’ve had in a very long time. They have the majority of the country’s attention, which means it would be a great time to insert promotion for Jay Leno. They aired the commercial for the host’s return to “The Tonight Show” last night and it was kind of tasteless.

In the promo, Leno is driving in one of his many old school cars down an open road to a song that echos, “Get back to where you once belonged.” It feels kind of strange using The Beatles for this type of an ad but NBC has no bounds. On his car there are a couple of stickers that say 11:35 PM and 10:35PM, which of course is his time slot.

The promo is similar to the ones he did last year for his failed “Jay Leno Show” where he had the number “10″ on his car, so this must be a vague attempt to poke fun at themselves. Even though Conan O’Brien was only on the show for 7 months, this video makes it seem as if his stint didn’t matter. Come on, Leno’s back to where he belongs? This whole thing is gross.

You can check out the promo below…

Do you think NBC’s Tonight Show promo is disrespectful? Will you be watching Jay when he returns?