An international trailer has been released for Oliver Stone’s long awaited sequel, Wall Street Money Never Sleeps. It’s a worthy follow up to the teaser trailer that showed less footage but still built up the anticipation. With this trailer you get to see more of the story and the characters led by Michael Douglas‘ Gordon Gekko.

After watching this version of the trailer, I have to admit it shows a LOT of important footage. They pretty much give away what happens in the final act of the film, as well as the relationship between Shia Labeouf and Carey Mulligan’s characters. After emerging from his stint in prison Gordon Gekko has become a popular author and media expert on all things financial. Labeouf’s character Jake is completely enamored by his charisma and his knowledge, and like most young brokers falls under his spell.

Mulligan plays Gekko’s daughter and Jake’s fiancee and throughout the entire trailer she constantly warns Jake to stay away from her father. There’s also an appearance by Frank Langella who looks insane in ever shot he’s in, and Josh Brolin who attempts to kill Jake with his motorcycle. Thanks trailer people for telling us all the good plot points in the film.

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Let us know your thoughts on the international Wall Street 2 trailer. Do you think it shows too much footage?