It seems like every five minutes Hollywood is coming up with a big screen adaptation of a TV show or a board game that no one thought was possible. If we can have a film based on The Erector Set is a ThunderCats movie that much of a stretch? Rumors of a live action adaptation of the popular animated series have been swirling for years, and just when we thought it was over there’s new hope.

Over at ScreenRant, they picked up some top secret info regarding the “non-existent” script to the ThunderCats movie that’s supposedly “not happening.” A copy of Paul Sopocy’s developing screenplay was found over at ThunderCats Lair, and we’ve got some serious spoilers. Since there was word that ThunderCats had been dropped by Warner Bros last year, the validity of this script is questionable but the folks over at SR still sifted through a copy to see what tidbits they could find.

The following does contain spoilers for the potential film and reveals characters and plot points that you might now want to know. If you’re like me and you’re not sure if this will be the final draft, kick the breeze and take a peek.


In terms of characters, you can expect a mix of old and new who will include Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Wiley Kit, Wiley Kat, Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Slithe, Monkian, Jackal Man, and Lion-O’s father, Claudus.

  • There is no mention of Snarf at all – this is good news, because he would quickly become the Jar-Jar of the franchise.
  • Panthro has purple skin – there was some concern of stereotyping him in the 80s as being big, bald and black.
  • Claudus and Grune both appear in the movie (don’t remember them? Just click their names).
  • The Berbils robot bears are referenced but not featured.
  • Monkian and Cheetara have one the funniest interactions in the film.
  • Lion-O is given a love interest, Kaeli , who I’ve never heard of.
  • The film appears to be a hard PG-13 and is left open for a sequel.

The script will probably go through more changes before it reaches the big screen, but until then you can always check out this ridiculously awesome fan made ThunderCats trailer below. ThunderCats Ho!!!

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What do you think of the plot points from the leaked script? How do you feel about the changes? Should they stick to this version?