For years, Hollywood has been infatuated with making films based on the short, tumultuous life of the late grunge singer, Kurt Cobain. And according to Deadline Hollywood there’s been some positive movement involving the latest take on his life. Oren Moverman, the man behind the drama, The Messenger has been tapped to rewrite and direct the next Cobain-centered feature.

The original script for the Cobain film was written by David Benioff, and went by the name All Apologies. Moverman will be brought on to polish the screenplay and eventually direct it. There have been several versions of Cobain’s life portrayed on film, in both documentary and narrative form. This take will center on the last two days of the singer’s life leading up to his eventual suicide.

Moverman has worked on his fair share of music-centered material. He co-wrote the Bob Dylan inspired feature I’m Not There, and he’s up for an Oscar this year for his screenplay for The Messenger. There has been so much speculation regarding Cobain’s death, I think we’re all interested in seeing what the writer/director comes up with.

When it comes to screenplays by David Benioff, he’s a hit or miss. Everytime his name is mentioned, you have to remember he’s the same man who wrote the script for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and that should give you some perspective on where to put your hopes. There must be a reason they want Moverman to “polish” the story.

What do you think about Moverman taking on the Cobain film? Do you think the film should be produced?