Last Friday, the cast and crew behind Do Not Disturb got together with friends and family to try and do what every film has to do at some point… RAISE MORE MONEY. Although we’re done shooting, nearly done editing, and quite honestly, nearly done all around, we needed help getting through color correction, sound design, and some other important steps. We threw a fundraiser extravaganza at amazing YADA (Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts) studios. It may seem odd that we brought blood, sex, and quite a bit of adult content to a Youth Academy, but it was the perfect venue! We had two rooms, one with a lounge area and another for the screening -  and don’t worry, no children were scared in the raising of our funds.

We also gave away ton of amazing prizes (some of which are online now and you can bid on below) including a four day trip to Tahoe, two days in a sound studio with professional Sound Designer Lisle Engle, and premiered the first ever Do Not Disturb trailer to the crowd. We will be premiering the trailer online once we get a small music issue sorted.

What I learned is the key to every good fundraiser, good booze, and plenty of it! Barefoot Wines gave us an entire crate of Pinot Noir and Bubbly (that was very much needed all around) and Prestige Wine Group gave us 4 crates of Opulent Vodka ( I even got to take a bottle home with me – its been a good week!).

Overall the night was a success. We raised nearly $4,000 out of the $7,000 needed and still have some items online that you can bid on now. If you’re interested, here are the links:

  • Alice in Wonderland Poster Signed by Burton and Elfman
  • Nightmare Before Christmas CD Signed by Elfman & Burton
  • Corpse Bride CD Signed by Tim Burton & Danny Elfman
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory CD Signed by Tim Burton
  • Big Fish Soundtrack Signed by Tim Burton & Danny Elfman
  • Nightmare Revisited CD Signed by Burton & Elfman

Producer Maureen Flannigan and I were needless to say a bit over our heads putting together an event of this size, luckily Deidra Edwards’ stepped up to the plate and helped us organize the event and help us get everything running smoothly! We also had Alison Segura and Emilee Annine, two members of our cast show up in costume to help sell some raffle tickets along with cast member Jason Alan Smith and his lovely girlfriend Molly. And without getting to “thank you speech-y” without Sahib Dhanjal, Ashley Hillard, Jon Mann-Krieger, Travis Weir, Brent DeGraff, Craig DeGraff, Brandon Nicholas and Laura Aguirre (who also made the visuals) we would have been sunk! Thank you guys!

And none of this could have happened without the help and donations from all the following. Thank you!

  • Lani Shipman and Kim Harrigan – owners of YADA
  • Michael Albanese – Owner of Element
  • Lisle Engle – Sound Designer who donated 2 Days with TFK Studios!
  • Brent Degraff – Condo in Tahoe and Office Tune-up!
  • Jose Vasquez – MUVAS, airport transport – donated a free ride to the airport!
  • Witold Szmanda – Personal Trainer who gave 3 lessons for free!
  • Jason Hooper – Artist who painted a painting just for this event!
  • Krissy’s Couture Vegan Cookies! (Wow these are good! I suggest the chocolate chip)
  • Staci Sarkisian – Donated Ladybug Cosmetics!
  • Jenna Busch – Donated Beauty Make-Up
  • Lexx Staats – Donated Special Effects Make-Up
  • Sahib Dhanjal – Donated a Horseback Riding Lesson for two!
  • Jennifer Gonzales – Donated a free pilates for 10 people!
  • Maya Adrabi – Donated headshots for free!
  • Blake Russ – Donated a Tennis Lesson for two!

Check out some photos taken by Tim Norman from the event…

We still have another $3,000 to go, support Do Not Disturb in whatever way you can! Every dollar makes a difference! DONATE HERE!