Wasn’t the running time for James Cameron’s Avatar over 2.5 hours long? With a film of that magnitude you’d think he covered everything in terms of the story right? According to an interview Cameron gave over at MTV that’s not the case. There’s more Na’vi action that the world hasn’t seen and it will be featured on the upcoming Avatar DVD.

We previously reported on News Corps’ announcement to release the DVD sometime during the company’s current fiscal year, which ends June 30th. Whether or not there will be any 3D editions of Avatar discs available is still up in the air, because of the current market for 3D televisions. Cameron doesn’t see a problem with releasing the film in the format because he figures within a month at home sets will start popping up.

He stated, “By third and fourth quarter of this year, you can get a 3-D set if you want to. We’re going to put Avatar out probably in November on 3-D — barebones, just the movie — and then we’ll follow up with some kind of special edition 3-D [release] later down the line.”

As for the other DVD extras, Cameron says there’s plenty of unused footage that was left on the cutting room floor during the original production. Some of it includes early footage that was never completed as well as the usual behind the scenes stuff.

“The unfinished scenes look like a cheesy video game,” Cameron explained. “There are the performances; you can really see what the scene would have been, but it doesn’t have that magical realism of the finished film. So to put those scenes in without finishing them… will be for fans. For real fans who want to know more about the characters and so on.”

So, what can we expect as the final product when it’s finally released?

“We can probably put in maybe another five or six minutes that was finished, final finished. And we can put in 15 minutes or so of those other scenes that were never finished, that were taken out relatively early in the life cycle of the cut. So we’ll look at programmable branching technology to see what experiences we can give people on the DVD.”

Early on Fox said the DVD will be out sometime before July, and now Cameron says November. Who do you think knows more about what’s going on here?

What do you think about the extra footage Cameron wants to put on Avatar’s DVD? Would you be interested in seeing unfinished shots from the film?