Dear John star Amanda Seyfried is up for the lead role in director Catherine Hardwicke’s new film, The Girl With the Red Riding Hood. Hardwicke is mostly known for directing the first Twilight movie and the critical hit Thirteen now she’s teaming up with Warner Bros to tackle a famous children’s tale.

The Girl With the Red Riding Hood is supposed to be a Gothic retelling of the classic story “Little Red Riding Hood.” We first reported on its development last August, when Leonardo Dicaprio’s Appian Way decided to take on the project. Producers are starting to bring together the film’s cast and Amanda Seyfried is at the top of their list for the title role.

They describe the film as having “dark/dangerous/romantic elements that can appeal to Twilight fans — while also attracting audiences who simply like the fairy tale.” As usual it seems like Hollywood can’t fathom that every movie goer isn’t attracted to the phenomenon that is Twilight. If they cast Seyfried, it would be great because she is a talented actress, but if they go pulling on Robert Pattinson this adaptation could turn into something else.

The Girl With the Red Riding Hood could be a legitimate modernized take on the classic Brothers Grimm story, Warner just needs to stay away from the gimmicks and stick with the source material.

What do you think about Warner Bros plan to capitalize on Twilight for The Girl With the Red Riding Hood? Do you think Amanda Seyfried should be cast as the lead?

Source: Los Angeles Times