The entire world has been at a stand still since hearing about the death of one of fashion’s most innovative designers. Alexander McQueen was found dead in his apartment last Thursday devastating many of his fans and customers from all over the globe. Even though he was known for dressing runways and he had a knack for working with some of Hollywood’s most creative actors and directors.

It’s been highly publicized that McQueen worked alongside pop superstar Lady Gaga on her signature look, but how many of you knew about his collaborations with Tim Burton? The director mostly known for his Gothic motif shared some sketches with the late designer on several projects. Burton’s partner Helena Bonham Carter spoke about McQueen and his raw talent after the news of his death broke on Friday.

“It’s absolutely tragic. What horrible news. It’s just horrendous to think that someone was so devastated by his mother dying. I loved McQueen. Tim did some drawings for one of his shows, did a shirt with him together. He had such lovely vision; originality comes quite hard these days.”

McQueen was also known for mixing it up with the ladies from the Sex and the City cast most notably, Sarah Jessica Parker.

“In my brief but honored time spent with him I learned he would never let even the tiniest and seemingly inconsequential detail be unfinished. That’s why his death is so haunting. Godspeed, Lee. It has been a privilege for all of us to know you.”

McQueen was just 40 years old when he was found hanging in his wardrobe. The latest updates claim that a suicide note was found near his body, which explained his depression regarding his mother’s recent death.

Are you familiar with any other film work that McQueen has done?