If you were underwhelmed by last night’s episode of “Lost,” don’t worry because next week we’ll get more than we bargained for. ABC has released a couple of clips from the episode entitled, “The Lighthouse” and they both center on the Shephard family, which includes the newly returned Claire, her big brother Jack, and even his mother.

Claire’s scene takes place on the island, and picks up where last week’s episode left off. She’s still with Jin, and it looks like she’s holding him captive in a hut made out of branches and cloth. She brings back Jin’s other captor and beats him into submission, exclaiming that she wants to know where her baby (Aaron) is.

Next, there’s a crossover scene that looks like it takes place in the alternate timeline that features Jack talking to his mother. This would be a good time to point out that the woman playing that role doesn’t look old enough to have given birth to him, but that’s Hollywood. Anyway, they’re going through his father’s things trying to find his Will, which he obviously kept hidden from them for a reason. I wonder if they that’s how they find out about Claire?

Check out the two videos below…

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What’s your speculation about Claire’s involvement in both timelines?