HBO has found a new way to attract fans, and its through the world wide web. The popular cable network has created HBO Go, a new outlet that makes their movies and television shows available to subscribers online. Its part of a strategy to make TV programs more prominent on the web so that networks can combat the internet’s dominance.

HBO Go contains over 600 hours of movies and TV shows that can be streamed live and in HD. The website is currently online, but it’s first available to Verizon FIOS subscribers. If you are one of those lucky individuals you can check out the site out for yourself, but if you’re not, we’re here to fill you in. The television menu is hit or miss. There are some HBO favorites like “Big Love,” and you can watch the final season of “The Sopranos” and “Sex and the City, but there’s no “Curb Your Enthusiasm” or “Entourage,” which is just cruel.

The selection of films that are currently online aren’t that great but there is something for everybody. You can choose from recent releases like Watchmen, 17 Again, Taken, Death Race, and odd placements like Fools Rush In, Commando, and Hackers.

The site design itself is streamlined and based on a clear visual presentation. There are tabs for Movies, Series, Comedy, Sports, Documentary, and Late Night TV at the top of the screen, which makes navigation easy. Here are a couple of photos that show you what the menu looks like for the Series and Movies category. You can view any episode of a show from a selected season, and if they don’t have it available you can put it on your wishlist.

If you’re already an HBO or FiOS customer you should have access to the site and “Comcast subscribers get access to the same HBO programming via the cable giant’s own branded Web video site Fancast, to which Comcast users who try to access HBO Go get referred.”

You can check out HBO Go here.

What do you think of HBO Go? Do you think it is a more convenient way of watching programs? Is it worth the money?

Source: Tech Crunch, THR