James Cameron’s movie, Avatar has been such a big hit that it has inspired people to live their lives as if they were 10 feet tall, blue creatures living in Pandora. They have painted their full bodies blue, have a tail attached to their clothing and talk/act as if they were living in Cameron’s fantasy world. The only problem is, they are not. And in this world they look like morons.

For today’s “video of the day,” we have a 5 minute look into this world these people have created in honor (or mockery) of the most successful film ever. They have new names for themselves, are completely covered in blue paint, and speak as if they have been brainwashed. They claim they feel comfortable this way, but it makes you question their sanity — but I guess that’s the point!

This is is almost as crazy as the people going through Avatar withdrwals

What do you think, fans or psychos?