The big screen adaptation of The Losers is starting to get some shady treatment from its home studio, Warner Bros. Just last week it was announced that the film would be a summer blockbuster when its release was pushed back to June, making it prime competition for The A-Team. It was a move that a lot of people thought would harm the comic adaptation since both films have so much in common. The Losers’ release date has been changed again!

The original release date for The Losers was set for April 9th, but Warner Bros decided to delay it a couple of months and pushed it to June 4th. Why would they do such a thing? It turns out that they didn’t want the film to be in the shadow of its other big budget release Clash of the Titans, which will debut on April 2nd. This wouldn’t have been an issue if the studio never decided to push back Titans from its original March 26th date. A date that was changed because they wanted the film to be converted to 3D. Do you see how 3D ruins everything?

Now we’re hearing that the June 4th date is no longer applicable, which I believe has something to do with the fact that The A-Team opens a week later. Nothing against The Losers, but the films are very similar and The A-Team has greater name recognition. So now, Warner Bros has decided to put the film back in April but instead of it being on the 9th it will be on April 23rd. Its new competition will be Fox’s Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, and Universal’s MacGruber.

What do you think about Warner Bros constant schedule changes? Is this all Clash of the Titans fault?

Source: ComingSoon