The nominees for this year’s Academy Awards are being asked to double up for when they hit the stage to accept their Oscars. The ceremony is known for its long, drawn out speeches and the typical “I didn’t have anything prepared” line. This year, the producers for the event aren’t going for that song and dance anymore, and they want nominees to get it together.

According to Reuters, those unexpected Oscar speeches that are laced with thank yous to family, friends, agents, and pets are the most hated by viewers at home and in the audience. “Oscar co-producer Bill Mechanic called those often teary-eyed thanks “the single most-hated thing on the show.” He along with co-producer Adam Shankman have come up with a plan for nominees to give two speeches, one on stage and one behind the scenes into a “Thank You Cam.”

This piece of thank you advice was given at the annual Oscar Luncheon that featured a who’s who of nominees and previous winners. No one knows for certain if the actors will take to the producer’s warning but it would be nice if they did. I think there’s a time a place for everything, and whether or not you think you’re going to win, you should always come prepared.

As for the emotionally drawn out speeches, in my opinion those are the best and most genuine. For example, when Halle Berry won back in 2002, the time she took on the stage wasn’t just for her, it was for all those who came before her. At this point in the game people should know what’s appropriate and what’s not. You can have some hits and misses but hopefully the two cameras will give them more of an outlet to express their feelings on the big night.

Do you think the Oscar nominees should be asked to write two speeches?