Just yesterday we brought you the latest international character poster for Kick-Ass that featured Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. Today, a new behind the scenes video has popped up online promoting the film and it shows several interviews from the stars including Moretz, Aaron Johnson, Mark Strong, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and director Matthew Vaughn. It’s an on set video that was taken during Kick-Ass’ production and it features some strong language, so beware.

The majority of the video centers on Matthew Vaughn and what he went through to find the right actor to play Dave/Kick-Ass. It turns out that he was hell bent on casting an American for the role, but out of over 500 kids none of them seemed right. When Johnson came in to read for the part he did it in an American accent and Vaughn asked him if he was from New York and he replied,’ no I’m English.’ At that point, Johnson was speaking in his normal British accent and Vaughn thought he was making fun of him because he too is an England native.

Johnson’s casting is a prime example of not necessarily getting what you want, but getting what you need. There aren’t that many American actors that I can think of off the top of my head who could have taken on this role. Kick-Ass isn’t a PG-13 action movie for kids. It’s rated R and filled with violence and bad language. Can you name any young actors who could handle this type of material?

If you want to check out the Empire set visit, here’s the video. We’ll have the embedded version up as soon as it’s available.

What do you think of Vaughn’s auditioning process for Kick-Ass?