A while ago it was announced that “Stargate” and “Baywatch” star Jason Momoa was cast in the coveted role of Conan the Barbarian. Even though the actor has a decent acting resume he’s still relatively unknown to general audiences, and he’ll be joined in Conan by someone as equally fresh-faced. His name is Leo Howard and he was last seen kicking ass in last year’s G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra.

Howard only had a small part in G.I. Joe but it made a lasting impression on audiences. He starred as the young version of Snake Eyes, and was involved in several martial arts heavy scenes in the film. When you star as one of the greatest ninjas in the world you’ve got to be able to practice what you preach. Latino Review, are the ones reporting on Howard’s casting, and according to them he’ll be playing the young Conan, which they described as a “pretty meaty part and the audience’s first introduction to Conan for the first 15 minutes or so.”

Conan is currently in pre-production and should start filming sometime next month in Bulgaria. Is it just me, or should the casting for this film speed up? The movie starts production pretty soon, and they only have two actors cast, and those two actors are playing different versions of the same person. The film is directed by Marcus Nispel, and I’m going to need him to get on the ball.

What do you think of Leo Howard being cast in Conan? Do you remember him from G.I. Joe?