Do you remember the talented director who shot the first Jason Bourne film and worked on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie flick Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Doug Liman was the visionary man behind both of those and he’s got another gig on the horizon. Unfortunately it won’t be the fourth Bourne movie, but he will be taking on Attica! Attica! Attica! The director will helm a contemporary period piece that centers on the prison and one of the most violent riots in U.S. history.

According to Incontention, Liman will direct and Geoffrey Fletcher, the Academy Award nominated writer for Lee DanielsPrecious will pen the script focusing on the Attica uprising. It was a major riot that took place in the prison almost forty years ago back in 1971 where many people lost their lives after the facility was taken hostage by its inmates. This film will be a labor of love for Liman whose own father was a young lawyer who worked the investigation during the uprising. According to an entry on the 30ninjas blog Liman stated,

“…the people whose job it was to prosecute the crimes wanted my father to reveal who had admitted to what. When my father refused, they threatened to hold him in contempt of court and throw him in jail.”

Liman and Fletcher went on a visit to Attica to do research for the film, and he revealed that he never visited the prison before or after his father’s 1997 death. There’s so much secrecy that surrounds what happened during that fateful event where 39 people died, including ten correction officers and civilian employees. Doug Liman has had some hits and misses during his career but for the most part I like his direction. It sounds like he may have a winner on his hands if he plays his cards right.

Who should they cast as a prisoner or officer in Attica? Are you interested in the story being told?