This past weekend the world wide web was set afire once again by director Kevin Smith‘s width. Smith, who’ll be releasing the comedy Cop Out later this month encountered a form of bigotry while trying to travel on Southwest Airlines. He took to his Twitter and his official SModcast to voice his anger and frustration about an incident that occurred last Saturday, while boarding a plane.

Smith was supposedly rejected from a Southwest flight for being overweight and posing a safety and security risk to the other passengers on board. Upset and understandably embarrassed Smith has been releasing his frustration in stand-up form, regarding the incident online and bringing attention to wide-seated friends who don’t deserve to be disrespected.

He wrote.” Dear @SouthwestAir — I know I’m fat, but was Captain Leysath really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?”

His attack has been directed at the airline, the flight attendant, and anyone else who had something to do with this debacle. His followers echoed his anger and voiced their opinions regarding Southwest’s treatment as well. The director never denies that he’s overweight, but he doesn’t feel that he’s a threat to those around him.

“I broke no regulation, offered no ‘safety risk’ (what was I gonna roll on a fellow passenger?). I was wrongly ejected from the flight . . . “

He also went on to talk about another passenger he spotted receiving the same kind of shady treatment. On the latest episode of his SModcast he discussed what happened to a woman who was also told that her weight was a concern when it came to the safety of others.

“They pulled this poor girl aside and they go, well you know you might have to buy an extra seat ma’am. When it happened Smith thought, “They’re coming for the fatties. They’re taking us to Candyland to kill us.”

It sounds like even though they’re pulling people aside the other passengers can hear everything that’s going on. If it’s procedure perhaps they should tell them about buying an extra seat before they allow them on the plane?

Check out what he’s had to say…

There’s a major debate going on between Smith, Southwest, and fans all over and it’s all taking place on Twitter. Smith has over 1.5 million followers and some of them quickly jumped to his defense when they heard about what happened. Not only are fans pissed because Smith was rejected, but they’re also angry because the airline released some of his personal flying info stating that he usually purchases two tickets when traveling. At that point his followers decided to do some fact checking.

  1. Via @spacemanfoo “CNN makes it sound @SouthwestAir punished u for not purchasing 2 tickets which u usually do.True?” No.
  2. Via @XanxiuZ “Some dude from bestfares on MSNBC yammering about how you routinely buy 2 seats” ‘Routinely’?
  3. Via @misha876 “also saying SW accommodated you on another flight when it was your OG flight” Fact-checking. And she’s not even in the press.

Who needs PR people when you have die-hard fans? If you have something to say about the matter, join the allegance, tweet your thoughts to Kevin at ThatKevinSmith.This overweight policy may have recently come under fire but it’s been around for a while. This is just one of the few times that the media has actually covered it and that’s only because a Hollywood director is involved. How many other people out there do you think have encountered this type of embarrassment, but weren’t given a public apology?

Smith isn’t asking for anyone’s sympathy, just some good old fashioned respect.”I’m not saying you gotta respect me because I’m fat, but respect me because I’m a paying customer.”

Where do you stand with all of this? Is Southwest right for enforcing their policies or wrong for being so insensitive?

Source: MTV