It starts with the vampires, followed by the werewolves, then it’s Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and his buddy the Mummy. These constant remakes of classic horror characters won’t stop, and the latest revamp will come courtesy of horror writer Dean Koontz and his take on the Frankenstein monster. Are you excited?

According to Variety, Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick are developing a modern take on the Frankenstein story using the Koontz series as its source material. The story takes place in present day New Orleans and will have the doctor as a socially affluent businessman and his creation Deucalion as his loyal companion. The duo will be tracked down by a pair of detectives who are investigating a murder and run into Deucalion and several other “engineered humans.”

Three books have already been published in the Koontz Frankenstein series, entitled “Prodigal Son,” “City of Night,” and “Dead and Alive.” The fourth book “Lost Souls” has yet to be published but it’s scheduled to hit book shelves on June 22nd. This sudden resurgence of what I like to call “Universal Monsters” is getting out of hand. Even though Universal Pictures didn’t create the characters they were the first ones to really put them on film back in the 30′s and 40′s.

We’ve pretty much exhausted everything vampire and werewolves are starting to get to that point, the Invisible Man was done in the nineties a few times, but Frankenstein is the least used as of late. He doesn’t really have the sex appeal that makes it easy for studios to capitalize on his image.

What do you think about an updated Frankenstein movie being made? What are some other takes on the Frankenstein story that I didn’t mention?