So this years “People’s Choice Web Celeb” Ashton Kutcher shows once again that he’s not only savvy to the latest sites, but willing to chat to whomever he may find on it (full dialogue and picture below)! I personally know that when I found chatroulette last week I dropped what I was doing and made everyone on my IM list and sitting around me say “WTF is this? What did you send me?” So why wouldn’t Ashton Kutcher? If you haven’t checked it out yet, do. But be warned about every 9/10 times you’ll see a naked (not necessarily attractive dude) with his legs spread.

What does stand out is that not only does Kutcher know about the site, but he sits on it, with his webcam on (I had mine off) and was willing to chat to people about his work and even bad mouth some of it.

My Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory: What if this is just a big scam by “chatroulette” to make people think that if they go onto their webstie, famous people will chat with them? But really it’s fake! Oh! The drama!

Chances are that Ashton who has proved himself web-savy on the wonderful world of the Internets and who started a show all about being him doing ridiculous things would peruse such a site. And it’s easy to believe that he would be brave enough to show his face, hell he tweets his thoughts more than almost any other celeb. But when he bad mouths a movie he was in, it does send some alarm bells ring… although he’s probably right, the movie wasn’t that great, and if he is brave enough to say something like that and get a little mention to his indie Sundance film – then well done him!

At first I wasn’t going to post this story because it’s a bit, well, not “film” related. But I think that the more celebs embrace the web the less of a big deal it will become for them to be on it. More directors, actors, and filmmakers are video blogging the making of their films, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a perfect example of this. Instead of celebrities constantly avoiding the web and making everything a big secret that people want to know about it, people like Kutcher openly accept the online world and as a result they are more respected by their fans and (one would hope) less hassled by stupid paparazzi.

Hopefully Kutcher doesn’t mind this post, but if he’s really as knowledgeable on the Internet as he seems, he’ll probably find this post and speak for himself…

What do you think about Ahston putting his face and thoughts on chatroulette?