Some new video came out of the Clash of the Titans camp over the weekend and it’s all about the characters. Warner Bros has released a featurette that includes interviews from the cast of the remake, and they describe who and what their characters are all about. Do you think they will be similar to the 1981 versions?

In the film, Sam Worthington plays the bastard son of Zeus who gets caught in a power struggle between the gods. Hades is the film’s villain, the vengeful god of the Underworld, and a brave Perseus volunteers to take him down when his family falls victim to his merciless hand. From that point on he makes it his life’s mission to keep him from gaining Zeus’s power and unleashing hell on earth.

While watching this video, I noticed one major thing, and that’s Liam Neeson. He looks great here, he must have been getting in shape to shoot The A-Team when this featurette was produced. Other than that, the commentary about the story is really interesting and it gives us an idea of what to expect when the film is released this spring.

In case you forgot Clash of the Titans has been pushed back to April 2nd, as opposed to March 26th and it will be in 3D, so look out for that.

Here’s the video…

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What do you think of the character featurette? Do you like this take on the classic story?