Was anyone out there losing sleep over whether or not Vin Diesel would make another movie in the Pitch Black-Riddick franchise? It didn’t seem like something that was on top of anyone’s must see list, considering how subpar the second film was. But according to Variety, the actor has found his way back to his Riddick roots and we’ll all have to sit and suffer through it.

Universal will once again produce a film in the Chronicles of Riddick series, that will have Diesel reprising his role as the sight challenged title character. David Twohy, who wrote and directed the first two films in the series will also return for the third, which he’ll direct from his own screenplay.

According to the trade, this film will echo the vibe of the cult hit Pitch Black, which means it won’t concentrate so much on the universe Riddick lives in, as much as the character himself. At the moment the studio is trying to work out the production and release date so it doesn’t overlap with Fast Five aka The Fast and the Furious’ fifth installment.

I liked Pitch Black, but I loathed Chronicles of Riddick because there was so much unnecessary stuff going on. The movie was made on a much larger scale than the first, and it strayed from what made the original film so great.

Are you interested in seeing a third movie in the Riddick series? Do you think Diesel should throw in the towel?