Why is Tyrese Gibson returning for the third Transformers film? His character Sgt. Epps as well as Josh Duhamel and the rest of the armed forces were pretty much useless the second time around. According to the actor’s Twitter page, he will reprise his role in Transformers 3 but we have no idea why.

Transformers 3 will be released on July 1, 2011, and supposedly won’t be as “robot heavy” as the second film. Revenge of the Fallen featured a lot of new characters human and alien that we just didn’t care about. There was no point of having them in the film because they didn’t progress the story. With that being said, how is Gibson supposed to factor into all of this? Epps served no purpose in the last movie, but director Michael Bay still found a way to bring him on for another one.

Here’s the announcement straight from Gibson himself…

“Yes I will for sure be in Transformers 3.. Get Ready!! Epps is here to STAY!!”.

This is not a good sign at all. The only way this could work is if the screenplay is geared to wrapped up the franchise by circling back to the first film. If his character is used as a means to put an end to this crap-fest, then maybe, just MAYBE it will work, but I’m still not a believer.

What do you think of Tyrese Gibson returning for Transformers 3? What do you think his character will do this third time around?