Today is the day that older women around the world have been waiting for. It’s Taylor Lautner’s 18th birthday and he’s officially legal. For the past year, the young actor has been on the receiving end of serious obsession, ever since his revealing performance in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Now that he’s no longer jail bait, people online are actually rejoicing because he’s not fresh meat, instead he’s prime for the taking.

The first place you can see this type of weirdness among fans is Twitter. The social network has been buzzing all day with birthday wishes and the occasional inappropriate comments. A lot of these people are somewhere near Lautner’s age, but a lot of them aren’t. I’m talking 40 and dare I say, 50 year olds? It’s pretty gross. There hasn’t been this much of an uproar regarding a child star turning 18 since the Olsen twins did it back in 2004.

Here are some wishes taken from various people’s Twitters

  • LadiLebron #TEAMJACOB not so much but he is sexy & finally LEGAL #HappyBirthday Taylor Lautner
  • SuzyVolturi LMAOOO, happy birthday Taylor Lautner, how old is he again? xDD
  • jennykate77 Jacob is no longer jail-bait! WOOT! Happy 18th Birthday to Taylor Lautner!!
  • AdoringRPattz LMAO RT @UntrueTweets: Taylor Lautner’s birthday wish is for Catherine Hardwicke to stop calling him and go back to Rob.
  • TedInJest It seems like just yesterday Taylor Lautner was 17. They grow up so fast!
  • truemommy @barefoodfoodie So, Taylor Lautner turned 18 today. Looks like you can finally make your move legally.
  • celizabeth88 So Taylor Lautner is 18 today… Rejoicing!!!!! =) haha
  • laisabrito_ @raissarmartins “taylor lautner faz 18 anos hoje” uai, mas ele tá de parabéns todos os dias!
  • 1Filipa Hahaha RT No. 1 song on the music charts in 1992 on the day Taylor Lautner was born was Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”
  • courtelston happy birthday taylor lautner! thanks for being 18 so it’s not creepy for me to fantasize about you.

Those are just some of the updates, with the overall count being near 600. This is the type of insanity that happens thanks to the world wide web and excessive marketing. Not only has the actor turned 18, but he will be featured in this weekend’s Valentine’s Day, an ensemble romantic comedy that will have him starring opposite Taylor Swift. How diabetically sweet can you get?

Are you one of the many people sending B-day wishes Taylor Lautner’s way? Were you aware that he turned 18 today?