Taylor Lautner is having a busy week. Today is his 18th birthday, he has a new movie hitting theaters, and several film franchises in the works. One of his many developing projects have studio execs battling it out over the hardest working teen in Hollywood. According to Deadline Hollywood, there’s drama in the air regarding the actor and it’s not just on the big screen.

Everyone wants a piece of Lautner as you can tell from his list of future films. He’s been hired to tackle the live action adaptation of Max Steel, as well as Stretch Armstrong, and let’s not forget about his action thriller, Northern Lights. The actor’s turning himself into a brand that can stand independently outside of the Twilight universe. According to Mike Fleming’s sources, the literary agency Verve sent out the script for a film called Abduction, by its client Shawn Christensen last night and two studios are already showing interest.

In the film, Lautner plays a teen who has long felt disconnected from his parents, and figures out why. That unleashes a chain of violent events and enters Bourne territory.

Abduction is the first major deal for Verve, and with Lautner on board they’re looking to gain some new star power. All of the green lit projects on the actor’s roster appear to be action related. With the exception of this weekend’s Valentine’s Day, it looks like he’ll be kicking ass for the next few years. While Robert Pattinson could be playing the tortured soul for the rest of his career, Lautner wants to be the next big action star.

What do you think about Lautner’s decision to do more action films? Do you think he can headline all these big budget movies?